advantages of being a partner

Working Groups: Classification, Financing, Contracts, Technology, Energy Transition

  • Participation and Information about the groups

  • Proposal for new working groups

Partner’s services

  • Resolution of general queries and advice

  • Publication / revision of new regulations affecting partners

  • Influence on the development of national and European regulations

  • Support to export the ESCO model and the partner activity

  • Provide arbitration option for internal issues of each partner

  • Option to make administrative appeals in public contest on behalf of ANESE

  • Meeting rooms available in Madrid

  • Voting rights

  • Meetings with the Board of Directors

  • Management and processing of the Climate Program – FES CO2 (extension to other programs)

  • Search and access to financing

  • Support in the organization of partner events

  • Supporting partners in the elaboration of their own press releases and their dissemination


  • Discounts

  • Agreements for discounts on courses offered by other entities

  • ANESE’s support in organising courses for partners


  • Event Sponsorship priority

  • ANESE’s participation in partner’s events

  • Business breakfasts with clients

  • Technical webinars for ESCOs

  • Promotion of synergies between partners

  • Communication with stakeholders

  • Networking with other companies, related associations and / or agents of the sector

  • Participation in fairs and shows with ANESE

  • Inclusion of the partner’s logo, merchandising, in ANESE’s stand exhibitor in trade fairs

Communication / Social Networks

  • Daily news summary

  • Daily Summary of Bids

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Promotion on ANESE’s website and social networks of all the activities of the partners

  • Partners’ section on the website with description, logo and link to their website

  • Dissemination of partner’s news on the website and in the daily news emailing and social media

  • Partner news in monthly newsletter

  • Dynamization of partners in social networks

  • Logo of all partners on informative poster in trade fairs


  • Channeling project offers from end clients to partners (average of 1.5 per month)

  • Encourage relationships with the rest of the agents in the ESCO value chain