observatory 2018

Portada observatorio 2018

What is the energy efficiency observatory?

Providing a rigorous diagnosis of the ESCO (energy service companies) market in Spain is the objective of the Energy Efficiency Observatory 2018, prepared by ANESE (National Association of Energy Service Companies) in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

It is a report that aims to consolidate itself as a document for search and analysis of the evolution of the ESCO market in recent years, specifically since 2015, the year from which ANESE began to study this sector, having published the first edition of the Observatory in 2016.

As explained in that first edition, this report is called the “Energy Efficiency Observatory” because it would not make any sense to talk about ESCOs without talking about the concept that is its pillar and its leitmotif: energy efficiency. More and more companies are basing their activity and their businesses on energy efficiency, as is the case with ESCOs, whose projects are based on efficient and energy-saving facilities.

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