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HousEEnvest project

Building rehabilitation project to reduce energy consumption

HousEEnvest objective is to demonstrate the viability of a new financing model, defined for the total energy renovation of multi-family residential buildings in Extremadura, which will have a combination of innovative tools for standardization, risk pooling, investment pooling and a system of risk elimination that will give security to financial entities and communities of owners.

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F-PI project

Project financed by the European Commission with the aim of promoting and accelerating the development of private investments

F-PI “Financing Energy Efficiency using Private Investments” is a project financed by the European Commission within the framework of H2020 with the main objective of promoting and expediting the development of private investments in energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and self-consumption.

Enerinvest project

Spanish sustainable energy financing platform

ENERINVEST objective was to create a consulting platform that provided technical, legal and financial solutions to Sustainable Energy Projects developed in the national territory and promoted by both the public and private sectors.

In this way, dialogue was facilitated between the different stakeholders involved in all phases of these projects (technicians, controllers, secretaries, banking entities, end users, owners…) increasing trust between the different parties.

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Effivet project

Project to develop a training model for energy managers in Europe

EFFIVET is a project that aims to develop a training model for energy managers in Europe. Following the European Directive 2012/27/EU on Energy Efficiency, member countries were encouraged to promote training programs to facilitate the availability of experts in this field.

ANESE, together with other European entities, took this situation into account and due to the exponential demand for these professionals, established a qualification for energy managers to comply with the Directive. For this, EFFIVET was born, which serves to develop a profile of competencies and therefore the creation of the lesson units that this training program must have.

After years of work and consortium meetings in Spain, Romania, Germany, Croatia and Malta, the members of the consortium unified and created a training plan at the European level.

ESEX project

ESCOs in Extremadura

Program to Promote the ESE model as a growth alternative for SMEs in Extremadura, is made up of a set of free training and informative actions that facilitate companies from the construction sector, related to energy (installers, maintainers…), reorient its activity towards the ESE model, energy services companies, whose mission is to reduce the energy consumption of its clients through the application of technology and the use of renewable energy.

The ESEX project is within the Emplea Verde Program, an initiative of the Biodiversity Foundation for the improvement of employment and the environment, through which the financial allocation of the Adaptability and Employment Operational Program of the European Social Fund is managed. The projects promote a new culture of business sustainability, eco-innovation and respect for the environment.

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