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Objectives of the classification group

Defining Sustainable Excellence

To define a scheme for the Classification of the ESCOs that allows for the differentiation of classified ESCOs and thus serves to assure the reliability and rigorosity of the companies that implement it.


Icono de Grupos de trabajo - Clasificación
Icono de Grupos de trabajo - Clasificación

Lines of work

From the beginning, the requirements of Directive 2012/27 / EU on EE have been analyzed, emphasizing:

  • General Requirements of the ESCOs: corporate purpose, policy, certifications, experience, etc.
  • Staff Qualifications: number, qualifications, specialized training, etc.
  • Work and Measurement Equipment: type, number, calibrations, periodicities, etc.
  • Processes related to the client: protocols, procedures, solution design, implementation of the same, financing and other services.
  • Measurement and monitoring of results and / or ECMs.