What it means:

V2Market aims to valorise energy efficiency and demand flexibility using Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technologies.


V2Market is an innovative service that incorporates Electric Vehicles batteries into the electricity grid as storage capacity and flexibility, using Vehicle-to.Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Building (V2B) technologies combined with Energy Efficiency and price forecasting IT tools.


V2Market combines all the relevant actors of the value chain to define the role and contractual mechanisms of a new role: the demand aggregator, and its possible interactions with the other stakeholders: Electric Vehicles owners, and those interested in flexibility (DSO, TSO, BRP).

ANESE’s role in this project focuses on the contractual definition of the interactions between the new figure of the aggregator and its interlocutors, both on the sale and on the buy side of flexibility services.