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What is Happening project?

HeAt PumPs in existing multi-family buildings for achieving union’s ENergy and envIromeNtal Goals

The HAPPENING project was created to promote the installation of heat pumps combined with the production of clean electricity in existing multifamily residential building.

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How does the project get it?

  • HAPPENING’s technological proposal is based on decentralised heat pumps, which are shared by residents in a building.
  • They are simple-to-install, they do not bother the people living in the building and they can be easily adapted to a large number of different building situations.

  • This leads to savings for individuals, improved indoor comfort and a significant reduction in the building’s CO2 emissions, thus helping to decarbonise and achieve the EU’s climate targets.
  • The role of ANESE for the implementation of the technology is fundamental, as it will apply the advantages of the ESCO model to design a business model compatible with energy efficiency and the maxim of ESCOs: to achieve energy savings.

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