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ESE and ESE plus seals

Defining Sustainable Excellence

This certification is aimed at those companies that work as energy service companies following the savings guarantee model and want to prove their experience, training, technological possibilities and technical potential. In this way they will be able to distinguish themselves through an endorsement that guarantees their professionalism.

Sellos de certificación ESE y ESE Plus
Sellos de certificación ESE y ESE Plus
These companies do not yet have signed projects following the ESCO model, but they are prepared to do so.

These companies do have evidence (for example contracts) that they are working under the energy services business model.

In addition, this classification will include the specialties that accredit these evidences. The specialties are as follows:

  1. Lighting
  2. Motors
  3. HVAC systems (air conditioning, heating, ventilation and domestic hot water)
  4. Regulation and control
  5. Envelope
  6. Industrial applications

Origin and objectives

This classification is an answer to the lack of regulation in this regard and the absence of an official registration with guarantee, and on the other hand it has the purpose of facilitating the client’s access and understanding of the ESCO model.


The independent certifier TÜV Rheinland, ANESE collaborator, is in charge of carrying out the audits of the ESCOs that wish to obtain their certificate / recognition and their corresponding seal.

Finally, ANESE’s technical committee reviews the auditor’s report and approves the classification.

Comparison between an ESCO certified with the ANESE seal versus an Energy Service Provider (RD 56/2016)

Defining Sustainable Excellence

We decided to draw up a comparative chart between the ESE company concept with the ANESE Classification and the concept of Energy Service Provider according to Royal Decree 56/2016, Directive 2012/27 / EU.